Bible Study

Welcome to Fr. Mirek's Bible Study at St. Thomas


Welcome to our Fall of 2017 Session of Bible Study!


Topic:  The Books of Joshua & Judges

Date:    Wednesdays, October 18th - November 15th, 2017

Time:   7:00 PM - 8:30 PM 

Place:  Msgr. Toomey Room

Material:  The Bible (Preferably Catholic Study Edition),  Handouts and Printed Materials - will be provided.

* All sessions are free, however donations are always welcomed. Hope to see many of you there!





Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Thomas the Apostle Church;

Thank you so very much for joining the PILOT SESSIONS of our own St. Thomas Bible Study. As a very short introduction please allow me to touch briefly on the topics of our lectures with a brief synopsis:

·      Opening Session of our Bible Study would take approximately 4 classes. The way I tried to set these classes up is to accommodate as many people as we could with a minimal impact or interference with ongoing St. Thomas Parish activities. Therefore, as for now, we will be meeting every other Wednesday, starting September 17, 2014. 

·      If, in addition to our morning session, even more parishioners and friends would express their willingness to participate, but find the time CONFLICTING with their busy schedules, we will introduce  exactly the same session once more in the evenings. 

·      After we complete the SESSION called “ An Introduction to the Old and New Testament” I hope to have a clearer inclination of what should be our next topic of studies, and accordingly, we will select our textbooks and audio/visual aid.

·      As far as materials/ miscellaneous  for our opening session I encourage everyone to bring with you your own copy of the Bible, a notebook and pen/pencil if you would find yourself in a desire to take any notes. Along with instruction I will provide participants with handouts that would serve as a supplemental reading material to our session. Coffee and…, will be provided.

·      Please, feel free to ask any questions you find relevant to our topic at any time. I strongly encourage every participant to write a type of JOURNAL/ NOTES after each class. In my own studies of the Holy Scriptures I find it very helpful to store such writings in my library, because eventually they become a very intimate, spiritual journey of me and God through His Love Letter to all of us.

·      If you for any reason will not be able to participate in some of the classes, don’t get discouraged. Minutes and all necessary material from our meetings will be available to you at any time.

·      Please, try to pray to the Holy Spirit before and after each class for an increase in His Holy Gift of Understanding, Wisdom and Wonder and Awe. Ultimately, our Bible Study is a perfect way of prayer with the Holy Scripture, as we deepen our love and zest for the Bible. God Bless you all and hope this can be the beginning of a fascinating journey!:-)

After our introductory class, hopefully we will realize, that the Bible as Old and New Testament could be approached from many perspectives. Just to give you a handful of examples how the Bible Study could unfold, covering a variety of Books and Topics:

  • An introduction to the geographical and political context of Biblical History, and an overview of Critical Problems of studying the Bible.
  • Genesis and the Documentary Hypothesis ( The J, E, P, D – Hypothesis)
  • Study of Biblical Types – Types/Typology Exegesis
  • The Exodus and Biblical Law – Was Moses a real person? Bible and the numbers.
  • Early Israel, Judges, and Traditions of “Conquest”. What Israelites under Joshua really conquer? Fascinating research by Dr. Kenyon.
  • The Monarchy and the Problem of Warfare in Ancient Israel
  • Early Prophets
  • The Exile and Exilic Prophets
  • The Exile and Persian Period; Psalms; Daniel 1-6; Esther and Apocalyptic, Wisdom, & Deutero-Canonical Books  - Hellenistic Period - Daniel 7-12; Proverbs 1-12; Ecclesiastes; 1 Maccabees, Wisdom, Tobit, and Judith.
  • Discoveries at NAG HAMADI ( Egypt) and in Qumran ( Palestine)
  • Deuterocanonical and APOCRYPHA of OT – Books of Enoch, Apocalypse of MOSES
  • HOW and why MEDIEVAL BOOKS influenced our FAITH APPROACH? 
  • On the Problems of Old Testament Theology for Christians, and Other Fun Topics…(like oppression of women, minorities, indigenous peoples, Fundamentalism, and other abuses of the Old Testament…)


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