Breakfast Run

Breakfast Run to Feed the Homeless

Collection of Goods

St. Thomas the Apostle parish will be partnering with St Michael’s parish of Greenwich (Father Richard Murphy’s) to do a breakfast run on Saturday Morning, May 18, 2019. A Breakfast Run is similar to a Midnight Run in which we go into New York City and seek out the homeless and offer them food and clothing. We think of it as what Christ has requested of us; to care for the neediest in our society.


We will be collecting clothing and goods to give to the homeless. We will be preparing food, hot and cold as well, but that will be the days just before the actual run. We will also be looking for volunteers to consider joining us. Our goal is to take one large van and one large SUV.


However, for now, please consider dropping clothes off after masses over the next few weeks in the boxes that will be at the back of the church. Since this breakfast run will occur in the late Spring, we will not need the usual heavy clothing… Also keep in mind, some of the men and women are going back to work so they may need clothing that is somewhat dressier for their interviews and jobs. The most important needs are:

  • Socks (usually heavier stock)
  • Underwear for men (medium, large and extra-large)
  • Tee shirts – darker colors
  • Pants (jeans and dressier)
  • Sports jackets (just a few)
  • Dress shirts
  • Toiletries (like the sizes that you receive at hotels)
  • Some blankets as some sleep on the street (again darker colors)

 Thank you


For information, contact Kevin Knight or (203) 722-7713