21st Sunday in ordinary time, August 22, 2010

Nature asks with fear and concern: will we be good enough? Will we make it? We do belong; we are included in Jesus’ embrace of us all from the cross. In you and I our natural and superficial are in tension all the time. Grace and nature form the struggle of our life of faith. Our nature enslave us, even in the way we think of God. In the Old Testament: God controls the land, more powerful god, more land. Our nature receives another chance, aid, and gift of the supernatural. In the mystery of the incarnation Jesus as Christ trespasses the laws of nature which escapes the definitions of math and physics. Jesus’ lifer and mission is the one calling to a “narrow gate” regardless of geographic, ethnic, social and even religious boundaries. Yes, all will be saved, but many - ONLY MANY will take the advantage of Christ's Sacrifice. Jesus is turned many of our traditions over, as he tried to turn over many of Jewish traditions. By asking you and I to let him be who He really is - God - Jesus invites us again to walk more personally with God. To give  us NEW LAW( Explain teh meaning of teh hebrew words: hallelujah). The new heart, the new heart, the human heart. ( Prophet Ezechiel) Jesus is not replacing the old he is only magnifying, intensifying that love of god Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for you and I.

1) My friends, we read in today’s gospel that Jesus was followed by a great crowd, so great that he tells his disciples to get a boat ready.

2)  All these people turn to Christ their need during the three years of his public life of our lord has healed many people, freed those possessed by the devil and rose from the dead.

3) My friends, he did not heal all the sick people in the world, not he eliminates the sufferings of life.

4) My brothers and sisters, pain and sickness is not an absolute evil as sin is; nor is God punish people with sickness and death. God the Almighty frees us from the chains of death giving us his Son. In him, in Our Lord, we are reborn to life. He destroys death and sin, and gives up himself as a sacrifice so that we can have life.

5) Yes, Our Lord preformed miracles which in specific cases cured pain and sickness but above all, his miracles were a sign of his mission and proof of his divine power.

My brothers and sisters, joy is the immediate consequence of a certain fullness in life. For the individual this fullness in life consists above all in knowledge and love. My friends, through his infinite mercy, God has made us his children in Jesus christ and he shares in his nature which is exactly that fullness of life and infinite knowledge. As human beings, we cannot reach any greater joy than then which is based on being children of God. Through grace, a joy capable of being retained, and of persisting in spite of illness and failure. My friends, at the Last Supper our lord promised that our hearts will rejoice and no one will take it ( That GREAT JOY) from us. The closer we are to God, the greater our share in love and life is.

After spending the whole night in prayer, Jesus chose his 12 Apostles to accompany him and as we all know later to continue his mission to Earth. My friends, our 2 evangelists record their names so today we recalled then in the gospel reading. By making this choice of 12, Our Lord lays the foundations of his church. These 12 men are like the 12 patriarchs of the new people of god. My friends, we do know that the choice is always Gods. The apostles had not been noted for their wisdom, influence and importance. They were ordinary men I who responded with faith and generosity to Jesus call. My friends, a new life at the side of Christ started that day for me 12. Only one of them, Judas, was not faithful. To others, as the years passed, would remember the very moment they were called. They were chosen at the most important moment of their lives. In our day too Jesus calls his apostles to be with him in reception of the sacraments. Yet, the most important lesson from today’s gospel is that is Our Lord calls us to continue his redemptive work in the world we should not be surprised or discouraged by our own wickedness. He always provides increment. He asks only for good will and a little help that we are able to give him.

God promised us that we will always have access to all the help we need. At every moment we will be able to say the Lord takes thought for me. The difficulties, temptations we come up against cause us to grow. The greater the temptations, the more grace we receive. My friends, if our lord permits us to experience great temptations or setbacks, he will give us still greater help to overcome them. Struggle for holiness becomes the cause of spiritual growing. My friends let us remember that only lack of generosity towards God can delay or prevent our union with him. The interior life always demands progress, correspondence, being read to receive new graces. If you don’t go forward, we go backwards. Jesus Christ is inexhaustible source of love, help and understanding. We shall ask for God’s mercy constantly because his mercy is infinite. It encourages us to start again with a new determination with and renewed hope. My friends, it takes a lot of humility, but we must be like the prodigal son, who insisted or remaining far away in foreign lands filled with living misery. And with that in mind, it is our weakness and our struggles that help us to seek for divine mercy and to be humble. So let us remember as our lord has promised us that the help of his grace will never fail. Yet, it all depends on our cooperation on our determination and our willing to start time and again without getting discouraged. 




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