27th Sunday in ordinary time, October 2nd, 2011

Matthews’s gospel is insistent on the necessity to harmonize the doing with saying. Practice and faith. Last weekend, this and next shows clearly that to be faithful to the Lord, one must follow Jesus. Today’s parable teaches us: it concerns the kingdom of God, Jesus speaks about Gods conduct towards his people, and Jesus shows tender care and faithfulness of God.Today, Jesus tells us of Gods confidence in his people; you and I. God loans his land to us. He is patient with us. He sends us not one messenger but many. Even when we ignore him, God still sent us his son. All in all, the story is an ultimate warning of a time when of will call us one by one as a passionate lover of humanity. We still have time to balance our humanity. Otherwise, we will be losers with our noses pressed to the glass working in at the party. We all have personal difficulties, concerns over our relatives, our joys and sorrows. Ignorance is the greatest fault, harm that we can do to ourselves.( Socrates) In other words: can a religious person knowing by heart can be bad, and visa versa? What makes someone good? No need to re discover the wheel!! 




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