3rd Sunday in Lent, March 11th, 2012

Lent is moving along so quickly and to the ears of each one of us the Messiah is whispering, do amaze me in the 3 weeks left of lent. For many among us the Season of Lent is a time fo preparation to finally enter into a full communion with Jesus and his church. After he became a full blown catholic, asked his pastor to recommend a book on church history. The priest asked the reason and said I wanted to see at what century Catholics began to become less and less like Jesus.( good one...) The catholic was not smiling and neither was the priest. It is a real challenge for all of us my friends. How do we go about proving to other that Jesus is the way to go? Especially today, when we no longer ask if our action are in accord with Gods word, but only if something make us happy? The ethics and morality of modern culture are dictated by public opinion, not buy the word of God anymore. Thats the core of the REVOLUTION! My friends, now it is a time to re- inforce the importance of an objective and powerful TRUTH: we all need guidance on our journey as humanity. It is so easy to get lost, to fade away and to cause a real hurt. If we abandon some basic moral and ethical compass. We cannot look passively, watch as before our own eyes 10 commandments are turning into only suggestions. How our church would live if we let is happen? St. Augustine is the one who made the first interesting comments on 10 commandments. And after countless catholic and Christian theologians, elaborated so profoundly on them . The way that God designates himself in order to establish his authority, immediately captures our attention. He is the one who freed his people from slavery. His laws and precepts are addressed to human whom he has willed and continues to will free. They are not subjected to blind and obscured powers of nature in the sky above or on the earth below. He who speaks, speak with infield face saying, Me, I, I am. He addressed as you. He is a “jealous” God. God is jealous because his love can not bear the unfaithfulness and the indifference of his own creation. Indeed 1o commandments are the tools for good works” as we read in the 4th chapter of the rule of St. Benedict. One of the few incidents described in a similar way in all 4 gospels in today’s cleansing of a temple. In the bible we rarely see Jesus angry. Today is the day! Jesus is deeply affected when the temple in Jerusalem was desecrated by the vendors and money changers. It became a place of business, a dirty, chaotic, noisy, something very opposite of the temple. The story show light on the character of Jesus. He had a low boiling point. Yet he did not hesitate to resort to physical violence at the sight of people being abused. It should secure as a lesson for every single one of us. IN fact, thought the majority of us blend into the landscape, contemporary culture has a dreadful effect on us. To ears of each one of us, Jesus is whisperings do amaze me in the 3rd weeks of lent. 




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