4th Sunday in ordinary, January 23, 2012

After having recorded the call of the first 4 fishers of man, Mark shows how Jesus excersis his ministry. To do so, Mark presents to us the activities of one day of Sabbath, in synagogue; Mark and his gospel earliest of the synagogue. He gives us an account of Jesus and his ministry through the eyes of St. Peter. Since Mark is Peters secretary and a companion in Peters ministry in Rome. When we begin reading Marks gospel we are over taken by its dynamism. We find ourselves not simply spectators, but personally involved in what is happening. We receive the lords’ words in full force as Jesus’s people did. Marks gospel dynamic is such that once we begin to read it; we are almost forced to run reading it to the end. And were in the beauty of Mark. He uses such a sophisticated literary technique that on one hand; we feel, listen, participate, and identify ourselves with the eye witnesses of Jesus’ ministry and we want to continue to listen or read Marks story to an end. But on the other hand, this is why Marks Jesus forbids the sick to give publicity about the miracle he experienced. That’s why Jesus even silences evil spirits. It would cause a mistaken conception of the meaning and origin of Jesus power. Messaging secret in Marks gospel needs to be manifested gradually, slowly. It takes time to say fully yes, such is my faith! This is the reason why we are able to receive Jesus words from Marks gospel in FULL FORCE. Jesus was not saying the word says this or “He who sent me says this!” He spoke in his own name; the one who previously spoke to the people through the prophets, now speaks to them personally. Indeed it is the newness of Marks Gospel. Its dynamic not only Marks us astonished at the teachings and miracles of Jesus, but is also forces us to take Jesus word seriously. “Repent and believe in the gospel.”  That requires a change. Jesus proclaimed good news and he was rejected. Not because it was good, but because it was new. We don’t want new things when they (involve change). When they cause us to say, “I was wrong.” We are told they only person who welcomes change is a wet baby. We ask the great and a holy man, “How does one get to heaven?” He answered, “The same way tou get to Carnegie Hall: Practice! Practice! Pra ctice!” In confessional, the penitent is asked, “Does God accept repentance? The priest asked in turn, “Do you throw away dirty laundry?” “No.” “Neither will God throw you away.” “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.”




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