5th Sunday in Lent, April 6, 2014 Year A ( Lazarus )2014

·      A III Century A.D. preacher – THEODORET – summed up the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus so eloquently:

-      “ The Crucifixion is a new and strange method of healing; THE DOCTOR suffered the cost, THE SICK Received the HEALING”

·      One of my I H S -  JUNIOR – students shared with me a very EYE OPENING Observation while finishing a project for my RELIGION CLASS during Lent:

-                    HE reported that that as he checked one of his online dictionaries for a definition of the word: CALVARY it advised him: CHECK LOVE!!!

  My Friends, every year I am convinced more and more that the only person capable to understand the suffering of Jesus Christ on Good Friday – is a person CAPABLE OF LOVE.

In “ Crossing the Threshold of Hope” Blessed John Paul II writes:” There is no Christian spirituality and holiness without devotion to the Passion of Christ”.

  Today – more than ever – we need to understand why Jesus Christ came to SINNERS?

One way we could answer – and I like this answer more and more – is that he came to introduce us, US – to an ALTERNATIVE WAY OF LIFE. And that is His KINGDOM!

But to see it, MY FRIENDS we need to do our part. Like today’s Gospel of John, for instance, is a good start for us to see how Jesus introduces to us His New, Alternative WAY of life;

John builds the suspense and tension in His Gospel; And He does it for a reason;

·      The REASON is to make a decision;

-     Like SOREN KIERKEGAARD’s 2 VOLUME beautiful philosophical prolegomena to an EXISTENTIAL PHILOSOPHY – EITHER / OR –


·   John ask us to make a decision; You are either for Jesus, or against Him.

·   John wants us to see through his eyes what happens to people listening to Jesus; what happens to the Apostles, to the Pharisees and Scribes, to the crowds surrounding Jesus;

 And then, to draw a conclusion; Are you with Me? Would you help me to spread a Good News about My KINGDOM?


Christ's death, like the illness of Lazarus, would be for the glory of God, manifested in him. Frankly, when we go deeper with our meditation on this weekend’s gospel, we realize that it is a very catholic, universal lesson for us. We realize of what we already know; tombs are places for the dead.  They are not pleasant.  They are dark, wet, and rather stinky.  They are not places we want to be.  Still we often put ourselves in tombs.  There are times that we feel very dead, particularly dead to the Lord.  When we are in this spiritual hole, we don’t want to reflect on our lives.  We play a game with the Lord and ultimately with our eternal existence.  The game is this:  If we don’t think about what we have done or are doing to ourselves, then we can attempt to overlook our situation. We can fool others into thinking that we are happy, but we cannot fool ourselves. So, we get involved in things that are negative, nasty, sinful.  We tell others that we are happy with this life.  We try to convince ourselves that we are happy with our lives.  But we have a difficult time looking into the mirror.  We have an even more difficult time walking into a church.  And we have a horrible time taking God inside of us, or simply sitting before Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Yet on a top of this, we try to blame others.  We make believe that they have put us into the tomb.  For example, others have said, “You don’t know what you are missing.  Drink this.  Take that. Do this.  Do that.  You’ll be happy.  Loosen up!  You are the only one at the party who is not drinking.  Everybody is taking X now, why do you think you are so different. And then it comes: “No big deal.  I should try this.  I should do that.  Everybody else is.”  And then, the next day, if not sooner, we feel rotten, dirty, dead inside.  We can blame others for putting us into the tomb, but ultimately, we did it to ourselves.  We chose sin and suffer from it.

“Come out, Lazarus!” Jesus is calling us.  We are all Lazarus’s.  He is calling us to come out of the darkness, and come into His Light.  Jesus is the God of life. “ I am the life and resurrection” He says to Martha. How blessed are we to have such a God and Savior!




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5th Sunday in Lent, April 6, 2014 Year A ( Lazarus )2014

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