7th Sunday of Easter, May 19th, 2012

Easter Season is the time when we learn about the importance of community. Jesus did all he did for the community; later called His church. Not just for me and not just for you and not just for himself, but he did it for all of us because only in a relationship we realize the fullest capacity of our humanity. The revelation of Easter is that the Way, the Truth and the Life is a person. Who enters our history and changes it completely. Ever since it is a personal history, it is a history of you and I with all its drama and responsibilities. And maybe that is te reason that many will not believe in Christ; Because He shows us a PERSONAL GOD! Thorough the XX and In the beginning of xx1, as a humanity and individuals we have experienced the worst of what human person is capable of and the best he can become. The famous statement from the opening chapter of “Love and Hate” is “Cain rules the world”; which seems to be very accurate today. As we can all see, leads to a dangerous abuse of truth and objectivity. Therefore now, more than ever, it is our chance and responsibility to re-discover and promote our Christian catholic vision of human person, and of the world. And what would that vision be? This vision would be that everyone is a person. This vision is adopted by early Christian church; deeply rooted in the revelation of Jesus and so ingeniously modified and elaborated by St. Thomas. My friends, it is the answer why the modern church is so unpopular in many corners of the western world. As a modern Curch, it is also a guardian of an ancient tradition and doctrine about human person; its importance, lowliness and eternal destiny.  We should be proud of being the stones; rejected by the builders, the ale becoming a corner stone of families of communities, we should be proud of the fact of bringing sanity and joy to the more and more insane and sad world. In these 6 verses of today’s gospel, the master stresses 2 points; love and unity. He mentions love 4 times and unity 5 times. One does not have to be a noble prize winner to guess what was on God’s mind. Todays segment of so called priestly prayer in today’s gospel, should move us profoundly. It is so very much to be doesn’t out there; to secure and ensure in the filter generations that truth and vision of a human person with its inviolable rights and privileges, responsibilities and dreams. Is not today a good time to begin our self-reformation? To rediscover and fall in love again with the teachings of Jesus? IN a world full of bad news, should we not be good news?  




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