August 13th, 2012, 20th Sunday in ordinary time

My friends in Christ, on each Sunday, the first reading is chosen in relation to the gospel. Todays first reading taken from the Book of Proverbs sets the stage for our gospel today: Wisdom has set the banquet and calls us to “come, eat my food and drink my wine.” Jesus, whose relationship to wisdom and other synopses highlight so many times will use similar invitations often “come to me.” “come” ; this message is addressed to every human being to expose ourselves before the bright light of his wisdom. Open out hearts before him and he will give us rest. He will instruct us in the ways of his heavenly kingdom. My friends, the say of so after the miracle of Christ, of the multiplication of the 5 loaves of bread, our Lord takes the opportunity of making a greater miracle. He was going to work for men. Before the multitude to which he was speaking he could begin to graze this extraordinary promise. Jesus stressed the necessity of having a strong faith in him. We in the who has seen the father, as in the one who had come down from heaven. This necessary introduction has been given to us by St. John in his Gospel for 3 Sundays. But today, Jesus openly speaks of the great miracle of the Eucharist. My friends, we like the Christians of the year 90 AD. Of the time when St. John was writing his gospel we have a great advantage over these Galileans to whom Jesus speaks in the holy gospel. We are convinced that Jesus is the Son of God. He has become a man in order to make us adopted children of God. We also know why he died on the cross. He died as a sacrifice of atonement for us and our sins. And over all my friends, we know that the Eucharist is a sacrifice and as a sacrament. As a sacrifice, it is the repetition of Christ’s sacrifice and summit of the invisible grace for us. Our parish is blessed with so many good parents. I know you parents spent a great deal of time caring for your children. You help them with everything from staying clean, making sure they are healthy, well fed, to helping them with their school work; no questions about it. Today more than ever, it is a full time job. I know that one of the most rewarding experiences of being a parent is to watch your children grow. Actually everything that child does is wonderful, so full of joy. I am sure that one of the things you love watching children do, it to watch them eat. For a young child, particularly a young child, eating is a total body experience. Ice cream for instance: they don’t just taste the ice cream, the smell it, feel it, and wear it. Thank god the face only! It is so heartwarming that children eat. Especially when you have prepared and provided their meal. But sometimes, there is that child who just refuses to eat. I’m sure that much of the families here in all congregations have at least one child like that. As you could tell, in my family it wasn’t me, it was my middle sister; how many tricks my parents had to come up for her to eat. OMG. But you didn’t give up. Your child need to eat. Often times I think of how our Gather in Heaven watches us eat. Im sure that his heat is also warmed by our taking of food that he gives us. When we refuse to eat, and only sometimes come to the church to receive his food, I think our lord much feel like you parents feel who are upset that there are children refusing to eat food. Lest always remember that our Father paid a lot for the food he gives us. He paid with his own word, the son of God, Jesus. How we much feel when we refuse to eat it? Children need to eat, they need to eat well to grow. We are children of God and may we always eat well and often of his holy altar.

Ø  Just a couple of days ago, we heard Jesus preaching about the end of Jerusalem’s temple and about the end of the world. Today our lord wants to free his own disciples from every possible fear of that end of time. Fig trees show that there are no springs in Israel- just blooming summers. People will be terrified when this time comes. JP the second says, “do not be afraid.” Hope is the most important word, as well as trust.

Ø  Journey to Jerusalem has come to an end. Jesus travels final 12 miles from Bethany to the holy city and we heard the story, when our lord wept over Jerusalem. Today, Jesus goes straight to the temple. Like 20 years ago, when he was only 12 years old, he said to his mother, “Didn’t you know that I should be in the place which belongs to my father?” My friends, from the very beginning start to clean the temple. Our lord talks to the Jews in strong words.  How is our church today? Is it a lot to cleanse? Jesus is preaching, importance of word.

Ø  As we already know, the composition of St. lukes gospel is rather exceptional. In lukes gospel Jesus is on a journey to Jerusalem. Our lord is coming down from Jerycho and Bethany and he is moved by the sight. By the landscape of the holy city. But he sees more than the beautiful city. He seems the temple and the gardens. My friends, our lord are moved with compassion when he wept over the holy city. We hear our lord speaking these bitter words and we didn’t recognize the coming of the holy one.

25th Sunday in ordinary time, September 18th, 2011

The quest for a historical Jesus, how he looked like? Biblical studies. The oldest preserved document in Christianity is St. Pauls letter to Thessalonians. Witten not even 20 years after the passion: the death and resurrection of Christ. The resurrection begins and brings new life in Jesus. All are called to the freedom for the new life of the children of God, liberated and freed from sin, liberated and freed from sin and eternal death. How the model of Pauls selfless love is realized in our families communities? Today’s gospel teaches us about heavenly father and his extraordinary generosity and mercy. 

Jesus ofteh says looking at people around Him: They are like a sheep without a Shephard - why? Why do you think Jesus says that? Makes no sense; these ppl have their rabbi's, teachers, scribes, was the sacrifice being offered in jerusalem's temple - so why Jesus woud say that? 

Maybe because Jesus sees what is missing in the whole picture; LOVE is missing. They all do and say it out of the ROUTINE - lac of love. When St. John ( beloved disciple) was old man, his own followers were asking Him often: Father John, Father John, tell us something about Jesus; you knew Him, what would be the quintesence of His teaching; what your friend Jesus would like us to remember? And old John would think and say: Love one another! Love, and then all will see that you are of JESUS!




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