Christ the King Sunday, November 21, 2010

1)      Christ the King

A)     Solemnity- churches reaction to complex reality and culture pressure.

a)      Marxsism and Leninism

b)      Totalitarian systems

c)       To keep up the faith as being a guardian of the sacred tradition and the gospel (deposit of faith)

B)      Why do we call Jesus a King?

a)      Jesus- historical title of a person of history

b)      Christ- Messiah (Mesiha- or Goel –Avenger) –Protoevangelium (Gen 3)

c)       The Lord- resurrection title (acts of the apostles)

d)      Jesus himself speaks of his kingdom-

Jesus: my kingdom is not from this word

2)      What about his kingdom?

A)     Kingdom of service inaugurated in Caphernaum’s synagogue

-Jesus reads Isaiah and adds his own spin to the text. He came to bring God tidings to the poor, liberate captives and proclaim a year of favor. Levitations- jubilee year- every 50 years. Because of that manifest, Jesus is put to death.

B) Because his kingdom is present among us, people of now Christian faith are confused  have us. Now? Because we love the sinner, but we never accept sin.

C) Why Jesus came to sinners? To part with them to death? No, to introduce to them an alternative way of life.  His kingdom.

3) How is his kingdom present among us?

A) Saints of the history

B) Saints of today- even in tough situations not giving into despair and frustration and fear, (because of the virture and hope.)

C) WW2 pilot- after dangerous mission over burning city of Warsaw in 1944 - duringg Warsaw's Uprisibg – lands in Italy – sees Jeep with “follow me” sign- tells the story – “Follow him” He will take you home safely.

21st Sunday in ordinary time, August 22, 2010 year C

Nature asks with fear and confusion, will I make it? Am I good enough to make it to heaven? Grace: looks with hope and faith, trusting in gods promise.  We do belong we are included in Jesus embrace of us all from the cross. IN you and in me our natural/supernatural are in tension and all the time. Grace building on nature shapes that nature before God. Our nature enslaves us, we are not capable to escape it. Only with the life of grace we are prove, we are capable of showing others that we are not slaves to our own DNA. That we are not some programmed fats, unfolding potentiality etc. Only with an internal awakening, with a profound spiritual life you and I as we say transcendent our nature, and by it, we transfer, it into life of grace. Only then, can we see with them, read them, only then it makes sense. Otherwise, yes, its only paint and canvas; nothing else. Even the way we think of God is so influenced by our human nature. The Old Testament and the development of Hebrew people into a Jewish, religious Israel, we trace the idea of human and Go relationship. I want to control God, if I could only know his name. I will be able to control him. He will need to be at my service…the story of moses. Remember? Early Judaism and a movement it is in a way a movement if purification of our human nature. It is a movement of a “narrow gate”, movement for the trust, dependence and of faith in God. A movement is a missionary effort so all the nations will know and worshiping one true God. IN the mystery of the incarnation our nature receives another chance to be purified, another gift, chance, and aid of grace, of supernatural. Jesus who becomes the Christ trespasses of geographic, ethnic, social or even religious states. Yes, we are all saved, only through his grace and resurrection, but are st. paul states only man will take a full advantage of it. This is my body, this is my blood, stilled for all, but only as many will be called to take full advantage of this sacrifice. Alexander the great Megas alexanger died on June 10 or 11 of 323 BC In the royal palace of Babylon. Shortly before the death he gave explicit orders for his funeral. He ordered this body to be placed in the sarcophagus in the coffin in such a way that his hands were seemed empty. The conqueror of empires was reminding us he could take none of his victories with him. The only possession he could take out this world was him character and dignity. What was important was not what he owned, but who he was. Jesus resurrected is turning many of our traditions over as he turned over many of the Jewish traditions; by asking you and me to let him be Gods invitation again and again to walk personally with the personal God. Jesus is not replacing the old. He is but magnifying, intensifying that love of God and of Abraham, Issaac and Jacob for you and I. Let us always remember my friends, that our baptism certificate in the unlocked tin box under our bed is not passport to heaven. At best, it is only the first few pages in a God or more pages to an autobiography every one of us is writing every day. But let us always remember not to grow discouraged as we attempt so often with little success to put Jesus first, to walk with him and to fight for him. The only way to fair says St. Teresa of Avila is to stop. 




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