Epiphany, Jan 8th, 2012

In the year 1764, the only female car in Russian history- Katharina the Great, founded a very special museum. Today that museum collects our 3 million items and it is the largest museums of paintings in the world! One of the Rembrant's paintings, ( explain of how teh master Van Rjin uses ligt and shade) simple oil on canvas, called, “Adoration of the Magi.” So beautifully and so eloquently describes of what we celebrate today. The majestic almost royal like portraits of the Magi, each crafted so perfectly. Then, their gifts so delicately yet significantly accentuated and in the middle of the oil the center of their paintings you will see mother with an infant in her arms so small, so insignificant baby, But when you step back and look again at the masterpiece, and when you know a little bit about Rembrandt and his mastery or light, shade operation, you will see it right away. Although majestic, almost royal, they form the back ground, they appear darker. This is because the source of light and warmth in his masterpiece is the infant the new born baby Jesus.  My friends, this is what happened at Christmas, the point of salvation history; when the silence of the night was broken by the very word of God being BORN into human form. We are all familiar with the gifts and we all know who gave them. St. Bernard of Claivaux explanation: Gold, to pay the outstanding bills, the Incense, to kill teh smell of teh stable, and teh Myrrh - to make a tea to kill the worms ( germs) in Baby Jesus;  A husband asked his wife, why did God give the wise men a star to follow? She said, because God knew men are too proud to ask for directions. Why? Why be so stubborn and to proud to ask for direction - Our DIRECTION to epiphany, to Jesus? What strikes me the most in today’s gospel are the words Matthew uses at the end? My friends, these men had proved wise indeed. They were energized, they were new people. They have found an entirely new route to go back; a new way of life. That’s what the real encounter with Jesus does. It changes everything. That light shining from the holy infant becomes a light house pointing a direction for you and me and instructing us how to avoid collision.




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