February 13th, 2011

Today we hear Jesus explanation of the beatitudes, that is: What is the relationship between righteousness” of the OT and the one proclaimed by Jesus? What attitude should we have concerning tradition  - commandments? What is teh difference between the Law of MOses and teh Tradition of the Elders? Why Jesus questions the Tradition of the Elders? Liturgy of the word opens with a beautiful passage from ????, which deals with the ultimate question we all share and question about our freedom and responsibility. Biblical wisdom could not avoid this serious problem. The human person has the responsibility of choosing between good and even but how we evaluate what is at stake in the options offered? To be free, is to DECIDE knowingly, willingly for good, always choose for good.  Human freedom is so total, that it holds God from influencing our personal actions whatsoever. Therefore, to be free is to decide knowingly. That is why we have intelligence and the law of God. God’s law conveys the divine wisdom, and to follow it lovingly is freedom. Jesus fulfills the law, here we can see, understand, and be in awe. He says, “I have come;” introducing the solemn affirmation of Jesus mission to call sinners. Maybe these was a wakeup call to all of us, and we need to invite him back? Maybe we can again come up to a conclusion that his commandments aren’t that wrong! Not just 10 suggestions...




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