Nativity of the Lord, December 25th, 2011

The Vigil for Christmas is, in a sense, the marriage of God and humanity; light in the darkness and hope in the world of despair. The irony of Christmas is that it is too short! Yet each year at the same time god reminds up it is better to light a star then to wear darkness. It is relatively easy to believe Christmas. Legend has it, that an old shepherd was telling his grandson about the first Christmas; angels, music, the star, the supernatural activities on heaven and earth. Would you go see the child? Would i? What am I afraid of? That I will lose some of my friends when I start living a real Christian life? If so, they weren’t real friends after all. It is so dark out there, so cold Today more than ever. Darkness of war, murder, injustice overwhelms us at times. People need you, need you to be that Christmas STAR for them, to be that light that dispels darkness. Be a real gift to each other, with a helping hand, kind word, a smile and encouragement! Word desperately needs hope. It is for that hope for you and me God sends his son, so you and I may live. Don’t be afraid, be that hope! Christmas does not simply tell a story about a Jewish infant? When we look at the nativity scene, what do we see? I hope and pray that we see more than made in China plastic figurines. Jesus is much larger than a manger. It is us; we squeeze Him there because we like it this way; more convinient for us that way; doesnt ask important questions...etc.  If you are still afraid of what others will think or say, what your family thinks, or people next to you think, take that step in silence. Come here, closer to the nativity scene; after mass, and unload all your fear. You will see how powerful that quiet infant, baby Jesus is. How powerful he is to change your heart, to hear you! I wish you and your family’s joy and hope beyond all telling! May the new born Christ bless you, your families and everyone close to your heart? 




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