October 14, 2012, 28th Sunday in Ordinary time

My friends in Christ, contrary to our common belief, the opposite of faith are not atheism or agnosticism or doubt. It is fear. In synoptic gospels alone the word, fear, appears over 30 times. Today’s gospel periscope from Mark, is a testimony to that. You recall very well my friends of how Jesus stayed in the large, comfortable house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus just outside of Jerusalem. He never assumed the apostles to see their costly fishing boats. We know that Jesus sailed in the m often for business and for pleasure. Why then, did Jesus make this extraordinary demand of thee wealthy man in todays gospel? Lets look a bit closer at what is happening. Young man tells Jesus of all the things or sins he did NOT commit. But love what happens here; the mater incited him to speak NOT of evil he has a avoided, but of the food he has done. And here we come to the core of the todays gospel. A spiritual poverty young man suffers from it is identified by Jesus, addressed by him and an invitation to heal such condition in mass. Christs teaching is not a system whereby one avoids doing wrong it is a way of life that impels us to do good and the after time even better. Spiritual poverty which results in fear is guided by fear and feeds to fear. Instead of responding to Jesus’s invitations to be healed, young man walks away. Disappointment. Our beloved lord sees in him what he sees in all of us. The potential of leaving our old lives and becoming a new people. Fear, that’s what creates the young mean. Me and you. Before, and now. What will happen to me when I accept Jesus’ gift? Where I would end up id I decide not to be owned by my possessions, by gap, Abercrombie, or my friend’s opinions about me? And this is the difference between young mary and martha and Mary. Martha and her sister were not merely avoiding sin. They were anxious to do well. They were not owned by what they have. During my first years as a seminarian here in the US, I learned an old story about a very wealthy man. He lived once; nicknames fishhouuves. He put his hands in his pockets so seldom one night. Think Fishhouuves were waiting there to attach to him; and so his nickname.  He did no evil but he did no good either. One of my personal, special favorites on today’s gospel is the paragraph: “I was hungry, and you formed a committee to discuss my hunger, I was naked and you debated the morality of my appearance, I was lonely and you left me alone to pray for me.” To me, you seem so holly, so close to God, feel so unworthy so im still very hungry, and so lonely and cold. My friends, faith; genuine faith Jesus offered a young man in todays gospel is so liberating. It brings about genuine happiness. And happiness, is not the mere absence of difficulties, rather, true happiness can be found in an obstacle that has been embraces, presented to God, shared with others. To be liberated from the fear of “What/if” we need to stop playing God, if we are to find god. 




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