Sunday, January 29th, 2011

A translation from so called infancy (childhood) narrative of Jesus into his public ministry: striking event of Jesus’s baptism, Jesus preaching about the kingdom of heaven being at hand. Gospel of Matthew gives us a sequence of chapters known as the “sermon on the mount” and in such sequence we see the inauguration of God’s kingdom. Initial part of these chapters is known as the beatitudes. Declared by early Christian as a “righteous pagan,” Marcus Tullius Cicero in his famous "De re publica", written is such a beautiful format of a Socratic dialogue, he states, “there is nothing that makes us a man more close to God than mercy.” Think of it; It is to apply it to our republic. The key to understand the Beatitude is love. We are asked to help the other, even though he or she might not deserve it. In other words, The heavenly father says, “thou shall not do evil.” Then he says, “Thou shalt do good.” The whole prophetic tradition of heavenly that God is the unfailing defender of the poor, the lowly, the oppress, and ordinate; as a widow finds its caiman in Jesus and his proclamation of Magna Carta of Christianity, the beatitudes. Our lord shows us so eloquently that the beatitudes have their roots in the depths of human heart. Remember how Jesus says it? Whoever looks at another with lust has already committed adultery in his heart! Everything comes from the heart. It is in our inner attitude, internal disposition of humility. It is possible to be poor and yet be eaten up by greed. It is possible to be rick and yet completely detached from possessions and always ready to share. It is that internal disposition of our hearts that Jesus calls us to examine. And when we do, when we look deep into our hearts, just black and white, what do we see? My friends, in the culture of “everything goes”, in times when things like: “Gucci, prada, ipads”, own us. In the reality, when purity , honestly, and self-discipline are not politically correct, in our times, when our morals would make us realize how much we need to examine our hearts.  How much we need to make that fundamental option for Jesus and become rebels, sighs of contradiction, contestations, its and alternative for contemporary emptiness. 




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