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There are many opportunities to walk with Jesus during Lent.  

How do you prepare for Lent? 

Instead of giving something up, maybe take something on.

Can you spend less than 10 minutes a day to learn about Lent and how to pray?

Here are some inspiring videos that will help you understand Ash Wednesday, Lent and how to pray.   

For Middle Schoolers and Adults: 

Lent in 3 Minutes

Significance of Ash Wednesday

What is the Purpose of Lent?

Preparing for Lent

Picking a Thing for Lent

Bishop Barron on Lent

4 Reasons for Fasting

Fasting Can Change Your Life

Where is Lent in the Bible?

Time to Pray

Tips for Praying

Power of Prayer

Why is Prayer So Hard?

3 Steps to Unceasing Prayer

Battle of Prayer

For Children Preschool - Grade 4: 

Let's Learn about Lent With Brother Franci  

The Lent Song for Catholic Kids


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--Children's Guided Prayer (Catholic Kids Media)
Two minutes of video guided prayer and reflection.
Glory Be
Hail Mary
Our Father

Prayer Center (Loyola Press)
Use the following links for free resources on the Loyola Press website. (English and Spanish resources)

  1. Children's Prayers
  2. Contemporary Prayers
  3. Liturgical Year Prayers
  4. Family Prayers
  5. Personal Prayer Life
  6. Traditional Catholic Prayers


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